Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've just moved in.  How do I provide my contact information to the Property Manager?
A: Please complete the Personal Data Sheet found in the Resources section and return it to the Property Manager by email.

Q: How do I contact the Board of Directors?
A: You can address your Board in writing through your Property Manager.

Q: How often does the Board of Directors meet to address corporation business?
A: The Board meets on a monthly basis to review all correspondence.

Q: Where can I view a copy of the Condominium Act online?
A: The Act can be viewed here.

Q: Will the condominium corporation address repairs required inside my unit?
A: The corporation and property managers will address common element related repairs and maintenance only. Repairs inside the unit are the homeowners' responsibility with very few exceptions.

Community Reminders

Snow Removal
•Snow will be plowed when accumulations reach two or more inches. The roadways and visitor parking are cleared by your Joint Services snow contractor. Please make sure to leave the roadways clear for the snow plows.

Respect the Speed Limit
•Please be considerate of the posted speed limit of 10km/hr within the community

•Please be aware that if you are a resident, you are not permitted to park in the visitor parking area.  Any unit owner or tenant vehicles in visitor’s parking will be subject to being tagged and/or towed at the owner’s expense

If you have an overnight visitor, this visitor must park on the west side of the building. We ask that you keep the front for emergency vehicles or drop-in visitors. Please note that you are required to obtain a permit for a visitor staying longer than one night. Please obtain this permit from the Property Manager.